ARA Engineering’s Uniqueness

ARA Engineering’s principal team members have experience in developing a broad variety of products, ranging across several industries. This allows us to employ solutions successful in one industry into other industries. Similar problems have similar solutions.

Product Development and Design

ARA Engineering has experience in many industries, designing many types of products. The list below identifies engineering areas where ARA has provided recent expertise that has benefited a product or customer.

Parts and assemblies


Robotics and automation

Machine design


Assembly fixtures and tooling


Molded parts


Reverse engineering


Optical instrumentation


Fiber optics and assemblies



Laser spectroscopy

Thermal management

Design for harsh environments

Pumps and fluid handling

Systems integration


If you are an entrepreneur with an idea, or a large corporation that must move quickly, ARA Engineering, Inc. will provide the engineering designs to meet your requirements.

ARA Engineering provides mechanical engineering design services. We can support any phase of your program from concept through to production. Using solid modeling, we can design sub-systems or the entire system or simply optimize an existing design.

Bearing Frame

FEA of a Bevel Gear Set

Hex Static

Hex Mesh


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