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Engineering analysis is the branch of engineering that uses computer simulations to understand the physics of engineered systems. Whether you are an entrepreneur wondering if your idea can work, or a large corporation that must sub-contract analysis, ARA Engineering, Inc. will provide the answers you need.

Engineering Analysis Includes:

Fluid flow (CFD): Computational fluid dynamics calculates transient and steady state fluid flows. This could be a gas, a liquid, or multiple phases including free surfaces.

Stress FEA (Structural): model the mechanical stresses in a system that is under load (either linear or non-linear and either due to a static load or a transient one)

Thermal FEA: model the flow of heat through a system (either steady state or transient and either linear or non-linear)

Fatigue Analysis of failures due to the stresses of repeated loading

Creep Analysis of permanent deformation that accumulates while the load is applied

Normal Modes Analysis: determine the natural frequencies

Buckling analysis: predict the load that causes buckling

Transient Response: the response of a system to transient or time varying inputs. For example simulating a drop test or an earthquake.

Multiphysics Analysis: modeling a system that is in operation with many physical phenomena occurring. For example modeling simultaneous fluid flow and heat flow, or modeling fluid-solid interactions (FSI), or modeling thermally-induced transient stresses.

Kinematic and Dynamic Event Simulation: modeling a system that is in motion or otherwise operating as intended.

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ARA Engineering can provide scientific analysis and analytical engineering to support product design or product improvement. This can reduce your time to deliver a product to the market and can reduce product development costs.

Our capabilities include: