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Engineering Analysis

Engineering analysis is the branch of engineering that uses numerical tools to solve engineering problems.

ARA Engineering uses these tools to improve its customer’s products.

Using these tools is almost always less expensive than prototyping, and it can inspire new insights into how

the products work. Engineering analysis should not replace prototyping, but it can reduce the number of prototypes or the number of design—prototype cycles.

The most common tools are finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. However, there are other tools not frequently mentioned. These include motion simulation, multi physics analysis, optical ray tracing, 3D solid modeling, and systems modeling. For more explanation follow this link: What Is Engineering Analysis?

Scientific Consulting

ARA Engineering has internal scientific experts and a network of external ones covering many areas of science. If your company has a difficult technical problem that does not fit into any typical categories, ARA Engineering may be able to help.


ARA Engineering’s Uniqueness

ARA Engineering specializes in difficult, multidisciplinary problem solving.

ARA Engineering specializes in product development, product design, engineering analysis, and scientific consulting across several industries.

Hertz contact stress

Temperatures on a compressor head

Engineering, Product Development, and Product Design

ARA Engineering can design your product from concept through prototype and into pre-production.

Air flow over wing

ARA Engineering can also help improve the performance of an existing product:

Optimization for performance, cost, weight, size or another attribute

Systems integration (bringing many technical disciplines together to assure the success of a project)

Troubleshooting product problems

Many types of product testing

ISO and vectors of flow through housing

Ray Trace

Thermal FEA

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ARA Engineering, Inc is a product development, product design, and engineer analysis company.